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What Is Your Ethical IQ?

Marsha and I were having breakfast the other day when she raised an interesting question.  I had just shared with her an article about how Amazon was implementing a marketing strategy in India that, if successful, would displace millions of small Indian retailers.  Her response was simple, but it bowled me off my feet: “Why?  Why do they want to do that?  Don’t they have … Continue reading What Is Your Ethical IQ? »

In Praise of Honesty

My mother, Theresa Moriarty, was a towering figure in my life.  She birthed not only my body but my conscious soul.  Indeed, if there is a heaven and ever I get there, it’ll be on Mother’s passport.  She was a plain-spoken woman, whip-smart, given to simple truths.  She had an attitude some would describe as gnarly. As a woman raised in the teeth of depression … Continue reading In Praise of Honesty »

Beyond Bias

Oath of Jurors: It is your duty to base your verdict solely upon the evidence, without prejudice or sympathy. I was recently called for jury duty and learned a thing or two about the jurors’ oath.  Rendering a verdict solely upon the evidence, without prejudice or sympathy, ain’t that easy.  I found I was a guy filled with his own peculiar brand of bias cleverly disguised … Continue reading Beyond Bias »