Monthly Archives: January 2017

A Sober Thought on Power

Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”  ~ George Washington As we near another election and grapple with the very threats to our democracy Washington’s words once again burn my ears with the truth they tell and prompt me to another sober reflection on the subject of power. What is it? How should it … Continue reading A Sober Thought on Power »

A Running Start to 2017 on Hong Kong’s Hills (Greg Nance)

Enjoy today’s post from friend Greg Nance, who currently resides in Shanghai. On New Year’s Eve I toed the start line of the Ultra Trail Tai Mo Shan, a 100-mile tour of Hong Kong’s jungled trails. Along with 292 other ultrarunners, I set out to ring in 2017 by climbing 9,032 meters of cumulative elevation and soaking in the majestic mountaintop views. Why? I love … Continue reading A Running Start to 2017 on Hong Kong’s Hills (Greg Nance) »

The Gift of Ignorance

  “The real voyage of discovering consists not in seeking new landscapes but having new eyes – Marcel Proust             Discovery can be a strange and mystifying endeavor. That which we hope to discover is often not what we actually come to discover. I can think of three illustrations in history that illustrate this truth. Christopher Columbus was commissioned to … Continue reading The Gift of Ignorance »