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Surviving Without a Security Blanket

“Security is a strange thing, a myth that the brain allows in exchange for a brief moment of peace.”  ― Alessandra Torre Did you have a security blanket, or something like it, when you were a kid? If you did, perhaps you remember how you felt if it got misplaced or lost.  Our grandson Sam discovered this on a recent visit to our house.  Erin … Continue reading Surviving Without a Security Blanket »

The “Happenstance” of Sobriety

A happenstance is defined simply as a chance encounter. Some happenstances we remember for a lifetime, others we forget quickly, and then there are those few that miraculously change our lives forever. Here’s the story of a miraculous happenstance that ricocheted through history, saving the lives of millions — even my own. It began with a man named Rowland Hazzard. Rowland was born In 1881 … Continue reading The “Happenstance” of Sobriety »

How to Sleep When the Wind Blows

“The wind blew — not up the road or down it, though that’s bad enough, but sheer across it, sending the rain slanting down like the lines they used to rule in the copybooks at school…“ ~ Charles Dickens Never in my lifetime have I felt the winds of history blowing as hard as they are now. I’ve never felt more powerless to effect change. … Continue reading How to Sleep When the Wind Blows »