Monthly Archives: February 2023

The Extraordinarily Inadvertent Life

I’ve heard there are unexpected opportunities to be enriched by our inadvertent moments… — when we’re not busy missing them. Think about it. How many magical moments were totally unplanned? That’s not to say planning isn’t necessary — it’s just to note that often the best planning occurs AFTER the fickle finger of fate has first worked its magic. Think about it. How many great discoveries … Continue reading The Extraordinarily Inadvertent Life »

A Visit from the Grand Inquisitor

I was raised on Queen Anne Hill, a quiet community atop of one of Seattle’s seven hills. My family were members of St. Anne’s Church and for 18 years my life revolved around the Catholic Church and parish activities. My faith back then was based on centuries-old, immutable truths, enumerated in the Baltimore Catechism. All that was required of me to achieve security in this … Continue reading A Visit from the Grand Inquisitor »

That Delicate Place

I learnedIn the college classTaught by a nun We turn to poetryWhen it’s the only way to touch That delicate, delicate placeFloating somewhere between inside and outside ~ Marsha Hahn Marsha, thank you for your poem and for reminding us that sometimes poetry is the only way to touch that delicate place. Kevin Miller, a poet friend of mine, sent me a poem by Jane … Continue reading That Delicate Place »