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Saved by Doubt

Nothing characterized my early journey in faith more than doubt.  From the first moment I picked up a Baltimore Catechism, skepticism set in.  I was taught that every person enters the world with the table already set, answers to every question, truth to negate every falsehood, and clear, dark lines defining the good and the bad. The rule book for life was a time-tested document … Continue reading Saved by Doubt »

Confession is Good for the Soul (by Eileen)

The concepts of sin and confession have gone out of fashion.  The images of a judgmental and retributive God that they conjure have been replaced with an emphasis on love and understanding in many faith circles.  I’m definitely not a fan of going back to a place in our culture that was condemnatory, but can we really access the full joy of grace without confession? … Continue reading Confession is Good for the Soul (by Eileen) »

From Catastrophe to Change

Every now and again a story comes along and serves as a mirror to my inner life.  Good stories allow me to put a face to my thoughts.  Sometimes the face so resembles me it’s scary, funny, illuminating, and maybe even healing.  This little fable on catastrophic thinking made me laugh, cry, and scream all at the same time, and turned the mirror on my … Continue reading From Catastrophe to Change »