Monthly Archives: May 2023

Sweet Simplicity

I’m kind of blown away by how complicated life has gotten! My heart sometimes aches for simpler time before technology, social media and a world filled with too many choices.   Watching TV requires multiple gadgets, memberships require multiple passwords, and billing statements have multiple pages. Public restrooms require multiple numbers to open doors. With social media, my business has suddenly become everyone’s business. who … Continue reading Sweet Simplicity »

The Power of German Chocolate Cake

I recently read that an increasing number of Americans wants to remove from our schools’ curricula anything that reflects poorly on their states or the United States as a country. Like teaching the history of racism because, they say, it’s unpleasant for children to think about slavery and its legacy. So, the thinking goes, simply remove the teaching of racism from schools and then pretend … Continue reading The Power of German Chocolate Cake »

It Only Takes One

As a young kid I remember never feeling comfortable in my own skin. I always felt: My hair wasn’t straight enough, My clothes weren’t good enough, My dad drove an old car, I never had any money, We didn’t live in a big house, I was always the young guy on my block. Now if this weren’t enough, I never felt particularly Smart Pious Handsome … Continue reading It Only Takes One »