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Stepping Stones or Stumbling Blocks?

There are times when getting from here to there is no easy matter; when the route is unclear and obstacles seem insurmountable.   There’s an old saying: “The only difference between a stepping stone and a stumbling block is how we use them.” Will you walk in between the stones with a mind to missing them, or walk on top of the stones with a … Continue reading Stepping Stones or Stumbling Blocks? »

Sweet Simplicity

I’m kind of blown away by how complicated life has gotten! My heart sometimes aches for simpler time before technology, social media and a world filled with too many choices.   Watching TV requires multiple gadgets, memberships require multiple passwords, and billing statements have multiple pages. Public restrooms require multiple numbers to open doors. With social media, my business has suddenly become everyone’s business. who … Continue reading Sweet Simplicity »

Do You Bend Like the Willow?

 In Turbulent Times — “Adapt yourself to change as the willow tree adapts itself to the weather. When the harsh winds of circumstance sweep across the landscape of your life, bow gracefully, bend gently, adapt graciously. You are wise to study well the ways of the willow. In the face of change, in the throes of adversity, in the midst of conflict and crisis, the … Continue reading Do You Bend Like the Willow? »