Author: Pat Moriarty

The of Miracle of Showing Up

A while back I decided I couldn’t rightfully make sense of my life in any meaningful way other than as miraculous. Sure, on occasion, I’ve tried to convince myself I’m the primary author of my miracles, but when pressed to explain how, I can’t. There are just too many random happenings outside my control that can be only explained as miraculous. The common thread in … Continue reading The of Miracle of Showing Up »

The Practice of Listening

I once thought wisdom was the exclusive domain of old folks but I’ve discovered some of my most important lessons have been taught by the very young.  One such lesson came from my nephew Jack when he was all of six years old.  I was newly sober and still stinging from a number of painful losses.  At the time I kept pretty much to myself as I felt … Continue reading The Practice of Listening »

Greatness In Goodness

Over the last few years MAGA (Make America Great Again) has become the call letters of a new political movement, one that has attracted millions of fervent followers. But this movement and its call to return to a nondescript time of American greatness is one that has raised many thorny questions. Like — what era would we be returning to? President John Adams counseled against … Continue reading Greatness In Goodness »

Life Goes On

Sometimes it’s impossibly hard to believe this truth.  A story on how I learned: On St. Patrick’s Day it’s simply not possible for me to consider the day without thinking of my family. St. Patrick’s Day was like Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving all rolled together. I have so many memories. The big three men in my life: Grandpa, Dad and Cousin Dennis huddled together spilling … Continue reading Life Goes On »