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Life Goes On

Sometimes it’s impossibly hard to believe this truth.  A story on how I learned: On St. Patrick’s Day it’s simply not possible for me to consider the day without thinking of my family. St. Patrick’s Day was like Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving all rolled together. I have so many memories. The big three men in my life: Grandpa, Dad and Cousin Dennis huddled together spilling … Continue reading Life Goes On »

Soul Sickness and Soul Healing (by Marsha)

Today’s post, originally published January 16, 2016, comes from my wife, Marsha. In the quirky 1990 romantic comedy, “Joe Versus the Volcano,” one of Meg Ryan’s characters tells Joe (played by Tom Hanks), “My sister is soul sick.”  Actually, everyone in this movie is soul sick, and the plot, of course, is about how through risking life and heart, they find their way back to … Continue reading Soul Sickness and Soul Healing (by Marsha) »