It’s Time to Act

TO ENJOY THE MESSAGE ATTACHED IN TODAY’S POST, PLEASE CLICK THE LINK ABOVE IN YOUR EMAIL, OR click here In the 15 years Marsha and I have published Just a Thought we’ve asked nothing from our readers, other than to share music, and submit your own post, should you be so inclined. Our work has been a labor of love is, as it rightly should … Continue reading It’s Time to Act »

A Pillow of Mercy

The poem “Broken,” composed by my friend Joe Thomas, answered a question that has lingered with me a long while… How does one survive a visit to the Valley of the Shadow of Death? In the poem, Joe provides an answer: Broken, Broken, So many many times. Crushed by brutal family memories. Enduring malaria and staying home alone with fevers that made the ceiling swirl … Continue reading A Pillow of Mercy »