An Inaugural Address for the Ages

I’m stunned at the storming of the U.S. Capitol. it was an event so outrageous, so evil, so destructive, that it defies description. What has made it even more maddening for me is trying to say what it was really about, I mean really about. To answer that question I’ve had to explore my own history. I was 12 years old when John Kennedy was … Continue reading An Inaugural Address for the Ages »

When Make Believe Is Dangerous

Last summer while on our evening walk Marsha and I were confronted by a frightened middle-aged man who warned us of a roving band of homeless people headed toward the park near our home, and aiming to set up camp there. The man was insistent and seemed to need for us to acknowledge the impending danger. In the mode of Paul Revere, it’s as though he … Continue reading When Make Believe Is Dangerous »

A Charlie Brown Kind of Christmas

“Always winter but never Christmas.” ~ C S. Lewis It’s our pleasure to reprise this post originally published in 2016.  It seems especially appropriate this year. Whatever your own circumstances this holiday season, may your hearts be strong, your spirits peaceful, and remember there is love in abundance. May you give and receive it with generosity and gratitude.  — Pat and Marsha The night A Charlie … Continue reading A Charlie Brown Kind of Christmas »

Finding A Safe Place

May I strike my heart’s keys clearly, and may none fail because of slack, uncertain, or fraying strings. May the tears that stream down my face make me more radiant: may my hidden weeping bloom. How we waste our afflictions!… They’re really our wintering foliage, our dark greens of meaning, one of the seasons of the clandestine year; not only a season: they’re site, settlement, shelter, soil, abode. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke Poetry … Continue reading Finding A Safe Place »