Let It Be

“When I find myself in times of trouble ~ Mother Mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom ~ Let It Be ~ And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me ~ Speaking words of wisdom ~ Let It Be, Let it Be ~ Whispers words of wisdom ~ Let It Be, Let It Be”  The Beatles  “Let It … Continue reading Let It Be »

A Story of Redemption

All families have stories of black sheep, and some sheep can wander into some pretty dark places.  My family is no different.  We, too, have our black sheep, and at one point I counted myself as one.  Then, later, I discovered life’s not so simple.  We all have our spots.  White sheep have black spots, and black sheep have white spots. It’s just that some … Continue reading A Story of Redemption »

A Mutt Named America

The recent public conversation on immigrants and immigration has had a tearing effect on the American psyche.  It seems for many Americans the memory of how we came to be American people has been forgotten.  For most of us, America is not our native land.  We, too, are foreigners, descended of refugees from an earlier time.  Many of our ancestors were greeted in an equally … Continue reading A Mutt Named America »

Why Bother? (Coda)

Two and half years ago I wrote this post on Verdell Trice, fondly known as the Mayor of the West Side of Chicago.  I worked with Verdell and others in a community renewal endeavor known as the 5th City Project.  On account of recent developments in 5th City I’m adding a coda to the original post.  Life is unpredictable, and sometimes things bear fruit long … Continue reading Why Bother? (Coda) »