Coming of Age in a Time of Disillusionment

We live in a time reminiscent of Lewis Carroll’s stories of the distorted world visited by Alice in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. In that world Alice was captive to a screwball place of lies, distortions, and made-up reality. When I was about the age of Alice, Walt Disney produced a TV special about these tales and I remember, at the time, how … Continue reading Coming of Age in a Time of Disillusionment »


On this anniversary of the signing of the Armistice ending the First World War my thoughts have gone to wars that never end and a peace that can’t be found. The Armistice we commemorate was not a call for a German unconditional surrender.  Instead it signaled a suspension of hostilities, a break in the fighting, a call for a negotiated settlement.  It was neither decisive … Continue reading Surrender »

Putting It Into Perspective (by Eileen)

Lately it feels like an apocalypse, doesn’t it? A world-wide pandemic, fires burning in forests around the world, an election where both sides feel the soul of the nation is in peril, record weather events… it’s enough to make you want to just hide in a hole somewhere. Over the summer, my husband and I spent a few weeks at a remote 140-acre property in … Continue reading Putting It Into Perspective (by Eileen) »