Sitting With Job

Sometimes the Creator sets us on a perilous journey with no compass, no provisions, and bound for a dark and foreboding place. We are sent with the mandate there will be no turning back nor respite along the way. Now, if that weren’t enough, we are supposed to say — thank you? Welcome to the world of Job. “For the thing that I fear comes … Continue reading Sitting With Job »

Life Goes On

    Sometimes it’s impossibly hard to believe this truth. A story on how I learned: On St. Patrick’s Day it’s simply not possible for me to consider the day without thinking of my family. St. Patrick’s Day was like Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving all rolled together. I have so many memories. The Big Three men in my life: Grandpa, Dad and Cousin Dennis huddled together … Continue reading Life Goes On »

Living in Joy (by Eileen)

Recently, my husband and I went to hear Rob Bell, an exceptional Christian author and speaker, who is doing his tour, “An Introduction to Joy.” If you ever get a chance to hear him, you will not regret it. He manages to be hilariously funny while sharing tremendously profound and accessible wisdom. His message really was this: We are all headed to death. Live a … Continue reading Living in Joy (by Eileen) »

A Charlie Brown Kind of Christmas

Originally published December 24, 2016   “Always winter but never Christmas.” ~ C S. Lewis The night A Charlie Brown Christmas premiered, on December 9, 1965, half of the American population watching television tuned in.  At the time it was quite controversial, criticized for being: too religious, too jazzy, too offbeat, not having a laugh track using the voices of real children. In December of 1965 I … Continue reading A Charlie Brown Kind of Christmas »