Emotional Intelligence

“Know thyself.” ~ Socrates  In his book on emotional intelligence Daniel Goleman recounts the story of a belligerent samurai who challenges a Zen master to explain the concept of heaven and hell. “The monk replied to him with scorn, ‘You’re nothing but a lout – I can’t waste my time with the likes of you!’ “His very honor attacked, the samurai flew into a rage and, … Continue reading Emotional Intelligence »

Taking a Break From the News (by Marsha)

Pat and I recently made a major shift in our daily routine. For the first time in our life together, we have stopped watching the news on TV every night. This is a huge change, especially for Pat, whose TV news-watching habits date back to childhood.  We made the change partly from exhaustion — the events of the past year had ground us down — … Continue reading Taking a Break From the News (by Marsha) »

The Glory of Not Having All the Glory

Marsha and I recently watched The Last Dance, a documentary on the final season (1997) of the Chicago Bulls dynasty. A team for the ages. A flood of memories poured in. I lived in Chicago during the years when the Bulls dominated basketball. Chicagoans actually looked forward to winter just to watch them play! People remember their lead player, the legendary Michael Jordan, but the … Continue reading The Glory of Not Having All the Glory »

Attitude of Gratitude (by Eileen)

Intro from Marsha: Recently, on one of our neighborhood walks, I told Pat I was feeling down. The feeling has been a regular visitor since the pandemic began, and I’ve been learning to let it come and go as it will. As we talked, it suddenly hit me: why don’t I start a gratitude practice? I know there are lots of studies showing that people … Continue reading Attitude of Gratitude (by Eileen) »