On Becoming a Man (Like Frank)

No topic has been of more consequence to me over the years than that of becoming a man. Perhaps it’s because I labored over my own difficult journey into maturity, or maybe it’s because I got to be Erin’s stepfather and uncle to some wonderful nephews. Whatever the reason, I’ve given a lot of thought to how boys grow into men. I’ve come to believe … Continue reading On Becoming a Man (Like Frank) »

Confronting Our Big, Fat Collective Anxiety

I recently checked in with Paul Schrijnen, an old friend who lives in London, and asked him, “What’s going on over there?” I was referring to Brexit, the UK’s departure from the European Union. I got back this stunning reply, “We face the greatest peril in peacetime since before 1914.” How similar that statement feels to my own experience of politics in America, where our president … Continue reading Confronting Our Big, Fat Collective Anxiety »

Sitting With Job

Sometimes the Creator sets us on a perilous journey with no compass, no provisions, and bound for a dark and foreboding place. We are sent with the mandate there will be no turning back nor respite along the way. Now, if that weren’t enough, we are supposed to say — thank you? Welcome to the world of Job. “For the thing that I fear comes … Continue reading Sitting With Job »

Life Goes On

    Sometimes it’s impossibly hard to believe this truth. A story on how I learned: On St. Patrick’s Day it’s simply not possible for me to consider the day without thinking of my family. St. Patrick’s Day was like Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving all rolled together. I have so many memories. The Big Three men in my life: Grandpa, Dad and Cousin Dennis huddled together … Continue reading Life Goes On »