Cats: A Refuge from Misery

Albert Schweitzer said, “There are two means of refuge from the misery of life — music and cats.” I walked out my front door the other day and a black cat crossed my path.  Not being superstitious I thought nothing of it, and yet I was a little mesmerized by the silky, stealthy beauty of this marvelous creature.  Say what you will about cats, they … Continue reading Cats: A Refuge from Misery »

Getting Out of Your Head

A new year has arrived and I’ve been waiting for a spark of inspiration to launch me into 2019.  Quite frankly, its been hard.  Inspirational moments have been hard to come by.  I’ve felt like a nomad in a parched desert in search of a watering hole, only able to find bitter wells. I find my spirit has soured, turned in on itself, and tricked … Continue reading Getting Out of Your Head »

A Thought on Turning 70

This past week I turned 70 and for whatever reason this birthday has captured my attention.  After years of paying little mind to the passing of time this particular birthday found me asking what I’ve learned about living a meaningful life. Hard question.  A lot crossed my mind, but after much thought I’d say the keys to a successful life are keeping yourself rigorously honest, … Continue reading A Thought on Turning 70 »

Return to India

Sometimes in my life I have stumbled into lessons that seem unusual and unconventional.  On my recent trip to Mumbai, India I found myself a student once again.  The topic was acceptance.  I had returned after almost three years for what I hoped was a final round of major dental work, to an exceptional clinic and an oral surgeon who had become a friend.  India taught me much … Continue reading Return to India »