Loving What’s Mortal

“If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together… there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart… I’ll always be with you.”  ~ A. A. Milne, (Spoken by Winnie the Pooh). As I was getting my grandson Sam ready for bed … Continue reading Loving What’s Mortal »

When We Write Words to Another

”Excuse this letter’s being like a hotch-potch. It’s incoherent, but I can’t help it. Sitting in an hotel room one can’t write better. Excuse its being long. It’s not my fault. My pen ran away with me—besides, I wanted to go on talking to you. It’s three o’clock in the night. My hand is tired. The wick of the candle wants snuffing, I can hardly … Continue reading When We Write Words to Another »

The Great Bamboozle

Once reality gets degraded, it’s really hard to get it back.” ~ Keith Darden Bamboozles are the ways we get comfortable with lies. They comfort us, conform to our prejudices and allow us to pretend we’re bigger, better, and prettier than we are. The writer Upton Sinclair described how some get bamboozled: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends … Continue reading The Great Bamboozle »

The Unlived Lives of Parents

“Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their children than the unlived life of the parent.” — Carl Jung “I remember so well the agony of being torn between my love and joy for my child, and my desperation to hang onto a sense of my self. There is something very seductive about being the mom of an infant. All those maternal hormones kick in, and … Continue reading The Unlived Lives of Parents »