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Living in Joy (by Eileen)

Recently, my husband and I went to hear Rob Bell, an exceptional Christian author and speaker, who is doing his tour, “An Introduction to Joy.” If you ever get a chance to hear him, you will not regret it. He manages to be hilariously funny while sharing tremendously profound and accessible wisdom. His message really was this: We are all headed to death. Live a … Continue reading Living in Joy (by Eileen) »

A Sacred Friend Remembered (by Neil)

Neil Vance remembers Floyd Stanley… His voice was unmistakable. Although we hadn’t talked in several years, I was sure it was him immediately. After establishing that it was really me, he said, “I need a favor.” Oh no, I thought. They’re foreclosing on the shopping center and he wants my help in arranging another loan. I made my decision before his sentence was even finished. I … Continue reading A Sacred Friend Remembered (by Neil) »