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What Will Be Our Legacy?

“Watch your character for your character is your destiny.” ~ Winston Churchill I think it’s safe to say many are concerned with the kind of legacy this generation might leave the next. So many environmental issues of grave importance are being left unattended, leaving the planet teetering on the brink. Since we can’t find common ground we’re left arguing over the definition of reality. Facts … Continue reading What Will Be Our Legacy? »

A Thought on “Just a Thought”

  Thank you all for taking time to read Just a Thought.  Marsha and I so enjoy bringing the posts to life each week. It was 10 years ago that I first began sharing thoughts with fellow travelers in recovery.  In 2015, at the suggestion of Geoff Nixon and Matias Caccione, the weekly Just a Thought blog was born.  The midwife to birthing each post has been … Continue reading A Thought on “Just a Thought” »