Monthly Archives: December 2016

A Seasonal Thought from Ann Raney

  “Oh … fine. How were yours?” Hoping this rather provocative/obscure remark may pique your attention today. Let me explain. I grew up in a family that adored magazines: Life, Sports Illustrated, Gourmet, Time. We devoured the content, shared the photos, waited anxiously for our favorite to arrive. It’s no wonder that I still love periodicals and blogs and podcasts. I’ve been traveling recently so … Continue reading A Seasonal Thought from Ann Raney »

What is Your Grit Quotient?

“Life is full of obstacle illusions” ~ Grant Frazier  At a reunion involving a couple of my dearest friends, my friend Neil offered the opinion that a parent can do no better than to instill in a child the characteristic of GRITTINESS.   My friends and I go back nearly 50 years.  We shared intense times doing really hard work on the west side of … Continue reading What is Your Grit Quotient? »