Monthly Archives: September 2020

Be Your Own Garbage Collector

For the longest time my grandson Sam liked to watch YouTube videos on garbage collection. That’s right, videos of various kinds of garbage trucks collecting various kinds of garbage. It’s actually quite surprising how many different kinds of vehicles have been invented to pick up garbage. Anyway, I spent a fair amount of grandpa time contemplating garbage collection and have a couple of my own … Continue reading Be Your Own Garbage Collector »

What Is A Hero?

Let me pose this question: Where do you look for your heroes? Are they the brilliant scientists searching out a vaccine for COVID-19? Are they the brave men and women on the front lines fighting fires? Are they the leaders of the protest movements that now encircle the globe? Our heroes tell us a lot about who we are and what we value. Let me … Continue reading What Is A Hero? »

Language of the Heart

“The heart has its own language. The heart knows a hundred thousand ways to speak.” ~ Rumi During my frequent phone visits with Doris, my mother-in-law, she usually takes a moment to catch me up on the latest with her little chihuahua-corgi-mystery mix, Jada. It occurred to me that animals often have one of the most direct routes to our hearts. Think back to an … Continue reading Language of the Heart »

Zombies (By Joe)

My friend Joe Nagy originally contributed this post in 2013.  I remember at the time being jarred by what he wrote. “Evil does walk the earth, and can touch our health, our material goods, even those we love, but need not touch our soul.” History seems to have caught up with Joe and his message. Social media is flooded with falsehoods, intentionally pushed out for political … Continue reading Zombies (By Joe) »