Monthly Archives: February 2022

Life Outside the Cave (with Joe)

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. And isn’t it the darkness of a stormy life that often produces thunderbolts of consciousness that awaken us to the world around us?” ~ Carl Jung And yet some darkness seems so impenetrable — like the dark side of the moon — or the dark depths of racism memorialized in the United … Continue reading Life Outside the Cave (with Joe) »

What Will Be Our Legacy?

“Watch your character for your character is your destiny.” ~ Winston Churchill I think it’s safe to say many are concerned with the kind of legacy this generation might leave the next. So many environmental issues of grave importance are being left unattended, leaving the planet teetering on the brink. Since we can’t find common ground we’re left arguing over the definition of reality. Facts … Continue reading What Will Be Our Legacy? »

How to Sleep When the Wind Blows

“The wind blew — not up the road or down it, though that’s bad enough, but sheer across it, sending the rain slanting down like the lines they used to rule in the copybooks at school…“ ~ Charles Dickens Never in my lifetime have I felt the winds of history blowing as hard as they are now. I’ve never felt more powerless to effect change. … Continue reading How to Sleep When the Wind Blows »