Monthly Archives: March 2019

Confession is Good for the Soul (by Eileen)

The concepts of sin and confession have gone out of fashion.  The images of a judgmental and retributive God that they conjure have been replaced with an emphasis on love and understanding in many faith circles.  I’m definitely not a fan of going back to a place in our culture that was condemnatory, but can we really access the full joy of grace without confession? … Continue reading Confession is Good for the Soul (by Eileen) »

Smart or Wise?

We hear the word smart being used a lot these days.  Companies want to locate near smart people.  Employers like hiring smart people.  Advertisers like selling to smart people.  We are awash in all things smart. We have smart phones, smart watches, smart cars and smart homes.  We even have smart apps to navigate for us, spell for us, budget our money, brew our morning coffee. Why … Continue reading Smart or Wise? »