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In Search of Inspiration

Like many of you, I’ve become traumatized by the plight of the growing refugee population.  By some accounts, they number over 65 million, 48 million of whom are children.  The global response to this crisis has been appalling.  Tens of millions have been left stranded in makeshift way stations, refugee camps or drifting at sea.  Refugees are being treated as the enemy, and since most … Continue reading In Search of Inspiration »

How Much Can We Change?

  My mother-in-law is holding Jada, her lovable little mutt.  It’s hard to believe, but this little dog is a descendant of ferocious wolves.  What a shocking transformation.  Just think of it.  The aggressive wolf temperament was transformed into the temperament of a sweet dog, and this evolution took place in just 35 generations. Isn’t it true that to one degree or another we think “hard … Continue reading How Much Can We Change? »