We’ve Been Moving! (by Marsha)


The weekly blog has been quiet for a couple of weeks as we move into our new home.  (No, that’s not me moving furniture in heels!)  We wanted you to know that regular posts will resume soon.

Our big takeaway from the move: you don’t need as much stuff as you’ve got.  We donated at least 10 carloads and sold or gave away lots of furniture when we moved from Chicago to the Pacific Northwest last fall.  After living here for several months we purchased a lovely little condo, and find ourselves downsizing again.  I told our former Chicago neighbor how much smaller our new place is.  He has been living in Denmark and made it clear that our condo is palatial compared to Danish standards.  Everything is relative, isn’t it?

What has been the funniest point of contention between Pat and me in the whole downsizing experience?  Cooking spices.  Pat gruffly said that we needed to “get rid of all these spices we don’t use.”

“What?!  How can you say that?” I asked.  “I love those spices!  I use those spices!  I want to have all those spices in case I ever need them!  Don’t take my spices away from me!”

Really?  I had to admit he was right.  All those spices would have taken up half a cabinet in our modest new kitchen.  As I went through them I found duplicate, even triplicate bottles (three bottles of cumin!)  I found spices I knew hadn’t been opened in years.  I bought a spice rack that fit the space we had and made myself select and keep only those we use regularly.  Well, actually, I am still trying to get there.  The spice rack is full and there are only about 10 bottles still sitting on the counter.

The truth is we are finding it marvelously freeing to have fewer things.  We still have boxes to go through, but with each item we shed we feel lighter and more present in our home.  We are looking forward to the time we will be given in this home, and to the ways in which we will grow, nurture each other, and enjoy the company of all who can share in this space with us.

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