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Coming of Age in a Time of Disillusionment

We live in a time reminiscent of Lewis Carroll’s stories of the distorted world visited by Alice in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. In that world Alice was captive to a screwball place of lies, distortions, and made-up reality. When I was about the age of Alice, Walt Disney produced a TV special about these tales and I remember, at the time, how … Continue reading Coming of Age in a Time of Disillusionment »

Be Your Own Garbage Collector

For the longest time my grandson Sam liked to watch YouTube videos on garbage collection. That’s right, videos of various kinds of garbage trucks collecting various kinds of garbage. It’s actually quite surprising how many different kinds of vehicles have been invented to pick up garbage. Anyway, I spent a fair amount of grandpa time contemplating garbage collection and have a couple of my own … Continue reading Be Your Own Garbage Collector »