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Making Doubt Our Friend (Reformatted)

Friends: We are re-sending the post from yesterday with re-sized graphics for easy viewing in email. I’ve often wondered what initiates the big changes we make in our lives. Is there something these game changing events have in common? As I’ve considered my own big changes, I notice a frequent theme — doubt. Do you remember the first time you entertained a serious doubt? Do … Continue reading Making Doubt Our Friend (Reformatted) »

The Great Bamboozle

Once reality gets degraded, it’s really hard to get it back.” ~ Keith Darden Bamboozles are the ways we get comfortable with lies. They comfort us, conform to our prejudices and allow us to pretend we’re bigger, better, and prettier than we are. The writer Upton Sinclair described how some get bamboozled: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends … Continue reading The Great Bamboozle »