Monthly Archives: December 2017

Rediscovering God

This past year dear friends have experienced devastating losses and I’ve found myself struggling, yet again, with the most perplexing question of all, a question that has bedeviled man since he first scratched his feelings of frustration on to the walls of his cave dwellings, a question that keeps the world ablaze to this very day. The question of G-O-D. At one level it appeared to … Continue reading Rediscovering God »

Failure is a Gift

  This week’s post was inspired by a recent conversation with Tucker McHugh, a high school classmate who I have known for over 50 years. I was raised on Wheaties, “The Breakfast of Champions.” Winning defined the purpose of my every endeavor: winning at school, winning at sports, winning with friends.  Winning was symbolized by blue ribbons, gold stars, and A-pluses.  Life was one long never-ending contest … Continue reading Failure is a Gift »

Seeing the World with Clear Eyes

[This is an edited version of the post, “A Thoughtful Heart,” originally published February 27, 2016.]    L “A heart weary of hate cannot learn to love.” I came upon this quote, credited to a Russian poet, in a New York Times article written by Mikhail Shishkin, “How Russians Lost the War.”  He was decrying the manner in which the Russian authorities were ratcheting up … Continue reading Seeing the World with Clear Eyes »