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A Charlie Brown Kind of Christmas

“Always winter but never Christmas.” ~ C S. Lewis It’s our pleasure to reprise this post originally published in 2016.  It seems especially appropriate this year. Whatever your own circumstances this holiday season, may your hearts be strong, your spirits peaceful, and remember there is love in abundance. May you give and receive it with generosity and gratitude.  — Pat and Marsha The night A Charlie … Continue reading A Charlie Brown Kind of Christmas »

Finding A Safe Place

May I strike my heart’s keys clearly, and may none fail because of slack, uncertain, or fraying strings. May the tears that stream down my face make me more radiant: may my hidden weeping bloom. How we waste our afflictions!… They’re really our wintering foliage, our dark greens of meaning, one of the seasons of the clandestine year; not only a season: they’re site, settlement, shelter, soil, abode. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke Poetry … Continue reading Finding A Safe Place »

Coming of Age in a Time of Disillusionment

We live in a time reminiscent of Lewis Carroll’s stories of the distorted world visited by Alice in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. In that world Alice was captive to a screwball place of lies, distortions, and made-up reality. When I was about the age of Alice, Walt Disney produced a TV special about these tales and I remember, at the time, how … Continue reading Coming of Age in a Time of Disillusionment »