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Sometimes It’s the Little Stuff that Matters

Originally published December 17, 2016. The other morning as I sat nestled in my easy chair with the New York Times harrumphing at the latest outrageous headline, I heard a high-pitched squeal coming from the dining room.  I bounded out of my chair to see what was going on. There was Marsha, bent over, examining one of her many plants. “Come see my new baby,” … Continue reading Sometimes It’s the Little Stuff that Matters »

The Power of Ancestors

I recently visited the cemeteries and grave sites of my family.  Each soul is sacred and with each grave stone there is a story.  Taken together they represent my ancestral identity.  I do not inhabit this world alone; my family was assigned to me without my consent.  My ancestral identity surrounds me, and there is no escaping their presence. At Holyrood Cemetery lies my father’s father, … Continue reading The Power of Ancestors »

A Revolution in Little Steps

I recently drove by the campus of the University of Washington and was flooded with memories.  My time as a student there had been transformative for me.  I entered in one generational universe and exited in another. Fifty years ago it was 1968 and I was getting ready to start my sophomore year.  Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King had been assassinated.  Riots had torn through … Continue reading A Revolution in Little Steps »

The Practice of Listening

I once thought wisdom was the exclusive domain of old folks but I’ve discovered some of my most important lessons have been taught by the very young.  One such lesson came from my nephew Jack when he was all of six years old.  I was newly sober and still stinging from a number of painful losses.  At the time I kept pretty much to myself as I felt … Continue reading The Practice of Listening »

The Gift of Silence

The following post was originally published February 4, 2017. I worked hard to perpetuate my stupidity for half my life. The other half has been spent gathering up my loose marbles. This marble gathering experience describes my process of recovery.  For me, recovery has been 95% recovering parts of myself that I lost along the way.  This has entailed: Challenging my ingrained biases Harnessing my … Continue reading The Gift of Silence »