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Making Doubt Our Friend (Reformatted)

Friends: We are re-sending the post from yesterday with re-sized graphics for easy viewing in email. I’ve often wondered what initiates the big changes we make in our lives. Is there something these game changing events have in common? As I’ve considered my own big changes, I notice a frequent theme — doubt. Do you remember the first time you entertained a serious doubt? Do … Continue reading Making Doubt Our Friend (Reformatted) »

When Life Throws Us the Extraordinary

“There are no extraordinary individuals , just extraordinary circumstances that ordinary individuals are forced to deal with.“ ~ William Halse I’ve been lucky enough in life to know individuals who lived through extraordinary circumstances and who, because of the way they dealt with them, showed me a thing or two about how to deal with my own. 1962 was a bitter year for me. My father … Continue reading When Life Throws Us the Extraordinary »

Turning Right Side Up

What do you do when your life’s been turned upside down? Hard question! Such was the case for me when Marsha and I left Chicago to resettle in the Pacific Northwest. I thought moving back would be cakewalk — wasn’t I just coming home? Apparently not. The years I lived in Chicago had changed me. I first came to Chicago as a 21-year-old scrub-faced kid … Continue reading Turning Right Side Up »