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What happens when relationships are irreparably broken and beyond the reach of reconciliation or grace?  Sometimes, they may be over.  But sometimes, I have discovered, they can be unaccountably restored. A foundation of the 12 steps:  “God did for me what I could not do for myself.”  I deeply appreciate the term “higher power” embraced by 12-step programs of all stripes.  It allows everyone, from the atheist … Continue reading Reconciliation »

Lamp Lighting

We first published this post two years ago. It’s seems particularly important in the current moment that we revisit Lamp Lighting. Some time ago, I had reason to visit my doctor.  I’ve been seeing Althea for more than twenty years and she is among the most knowledgeable people I know.  She is a practitioner of Oriental Medicine and an herbalist of considerable note.  Beyond everything else, … Continue reading Lamp Lighting »

Adoptive Sons, Noble Fathers

Noble fathers have noble children. ~ Euripides  I recently attended a meeting where men shared intimate stories about their relationships with their fathers.  Some felt broken and bruised by their fathers, others told of fathers who provided protection and tender loving care. Then there were the stories of “adoptive” fathers, the self-selected fathers who were stand-ins for absent or deceased fathers, or who provided supplemental … Continue reading Adoptive Sons, Noble Fathers »