Monthly Archives: April 2016

A Letter from Joe

My dear friend Joe Nagy wrote this shortly after the death of his brother in 2013.  It’s a poignant attempt at truth-finding. With Just A Thought, we hope we have created a space where truth-finding can flourish and be shared.  I hope that Joe will write again, and that others will consider sharing your own stories and wisdom. – Pat Dear Pat and Friends, My good friend … Continue reading A Letter from Joe »


“As a cure for worry, work is better than whiskey” ~ Thomas Edison  My friend John was a quadriplegic and permanent resident at King County Hospital. I met John in 1962 while I had a Seattle Times paper route in the hospital.  John would buy both the morning and evening papers so that he could study the horse racing handicap columns.  He bet on horses and … Continue reading Worry »

What Makes Us Great?

This blog is not about politics; it’s about helping us on our journeys toward becoming our better selves.  However, occasionally something from the political sphere may enter in to further that pursuit. My ears have been ringing lately with talk of how we Americans must make our country great again, how we must become a tougher nation as we eye those new to our land with suspicion. … Continue reading What Makes Us Great? »