Author: Pat Moriarty

Living Well In Hard Times (with a link to the song)

Yesterday, this post was sent out with a YouTube link that did not appear within the email message.  If you scroll to the bottom now, you will find a working link to the beautiful song by Tim Casswell. During the pandemic I’ve made it a point to check in with many of my family and friends. It’s not been what I expected. Rather than finding … Continue reading Living Well In Hard Times (with a link to the song) »

Passing of Charles Hahn

A message from Marsha: Two weeks ago I shared a thought with you on my father. On Friday, March 27, he died. We are grieving his passing this weekend and ask that you join us by remembering someone you hold dear who is no longer with us. Just a thought… Marsha

Time to Stop and Listen

I realize the current pandemic has placed a strain on the lives of everyone. Marsha and I extend our thoughts and prayers to each of you.  ~ Pat and Marsha……….. Recently, as we were getting ready for bed, Marsha mused out loud, “I wonder if the Coronavirus will interfere with war.” What a fascinating question. Think about it. Where this virus interferes with our most … Continue reading Time to Stop and Listen »