Author: Pat Moriarty

Why Bother? (Coda)

Two and half years ago I wrote this post on Verdell Trice, fondly known as the Mayor of the West Side of Chicago.  I worked with Verdell and others in a community renewal endeavor known as the 5th City Project.  On account of recent developments in 5th City I’m adding a coda to the original post.  Life is unpredictable, and sometimes things bear fruit long … Continue reading Why Bother? (Coda) »

What Is Your Ethical IQ?

Marsha and I were having breakfast the other day when she raised an interesting question.  I had just shared with her an article about how Amazon was implementing a marketing strategy in India that, if successful, would displace millions of small Indian retailers.  Her response was simple, but it bowled me off my feet: “Why?  Why do they want to do that?  Don’t they have … Continue reading What Is Your Ethical IQ? »