Author: Pat Moriarty

Building Bridges and Strengthening Bonds

The Minneapolis Herald Tribune recently featured a story about two dear friends of mine, Sam Hanson and his son, Jai.  The story provides a timely message in bridge-building and one that during these divisive times will surely bring a healing balm.   Not an either/or: Minnesota police officer and dad find common ground on race and policing. Police officer, ex-judge work to see eye to eye. … Continue reading Building Bridges and Strengthening Bonds »

When Life Throws Us the Extraordinary

“There are no extraordinary individuals , just extraordinary circumstances that ordinary individuals are forced to deal with.“ ~ William Halse I’ve been lucky enough in life to know individuals who lived through extraordinary circumstances and who, because of the way they dealt with them, showed me a thing or two about how to deal with my own. 1962 was a bitter year for me. My father … Continue reading When Life Throws Us the Extraordinary »

Turning Right Side Up

What do you do when your life’s been turned upside down? Hard question! Such was the case for me when Marsha and I left Chicago to resettle in the Pacific Northwest. I thought moving back would be cakewalk — wasn’t I just coming home? Apparently not. The years I lived in Chicago had changed me. I first came to Chicago as a 21-year-old scrub-faced kid … Continue reading Turning Right Side Up »