Author: Pat Moriarty

Sitting With Job

Sometimes the Creator sets us on a perilous journey with no compass, no provisions, and bound for a dark and foreboding place. We are sent with the mandate there will be no turning back nor respite along the way. Now, if that weren’t enough, we are supposed to say — thank you? Welcome to the world of Job. “For the thing that I fear comes … Continue reading Sitting With Job »

Living in Joy (by Eileen)

Recently, my husband and I went to hear Rob Bell, an exceptional Christian author and speaker, who is doing his tour, “An Introduction to Joy.” If you ever get a chance to hear him, you will not regret it. He manages to be hilariously funny while sharing tremendously profound and accessible wisdom. His message really was this: We are all headed to death. Live a … Continue reading Living in Joy (by Eileen) »

A Sacred Friend Remembered (by Neil)

Neil Vance remembers Floyd Stanley… His voice was unmistakable. Although we hadn’t talked in several years, I was sure it was him immediately. After establishing that it was really me, he said, “I need a favor.” Oh no, I thought. They’re foreclosing on the shopping center and he wants my help in arranging another loan. I made my decision before his sentence was even finished. I … Continue reading A Sacred Friend Remembered (by Neil) »