Author: Pat Moriarty

Surviving Without a Security Blanket

“Security is a strange thing, a myth that the brain allows in exchange for a brief moment of peace.”  ― Alessandra Torre Did you have a security blanket, or something like it, when you were a kid? If you did, perhaps you remember how you felt if it got misplaced or lost.  Our grandson Sam discovered this on a recent visit to our house.  Erin … Continue reading Surviving Without a Security Blanket »

Falling In Love

“He who dares loses his footing for a time. He who dares not, loses himself.” ~ Soren Kierkegaard  Who hasn’t gotten lost in pursuit of a great love only to be found again in a different time and space? I once read under certain circumstances a person could love even a rattlesnake if it meant getting to exercise our love muscle. True enough. I even have the … Continue reading Falling In Love »