Author: Pat Moriarty

I Am Enough (by Eileen)

I saw a funny graphic once titled “Average Day for a Musician.”  Three-quarters of the pie chart was labeled “Crippling self-doubt.”  It was certainly hilarious, but I wish this wasn’t so true.  Recently I was privileged to once again perform at a dance at a large convention and was treated like a rock star.  Less than two days later I was wallowing in that crippling … Continue reading I Am Enough (by Eileen) »

How Long Since You Had A Good Laugh?

Our times are fraught with conflict and peril.  There is political turmoil, ecological disaster and all manner of terrible, worrisome things to keep us awake at night.  How do you manage the constant barrage of distressing news?  How about having a good laugh once in a while?  I share with you one of my all-time favorite news sources: The Onion.  Please enjoy without caution or … Continue reading How Long Since You Had A Good Laugh? »