Author: Marsha Hahn

Yesterday’s Post

Bruce Michels died on August 10. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family. Correction to the original post: Bruce served in the U.S. Navy, not the Marines. The YouTube link in yesterday’s post may have affected the type size and made it difficult to read directly from your email. We apologize if this occurred for you, and are pleased to have found a solution … Continue reading Yesterday’s Post »

To My Father (by Marsha)

Published March 14, 2020. My 89-year-old father, Charles Hahn, has dementia. Last week, the memory care residence he recently moved to closed to all visitors, as have most around the country. The next morning he fell. There is a fracture in his neck, and although it is very small, he will need to wear a collar for the next three months. He has been moved … Continue reading To My Father (by Marsha) »

Seeing Humanity in the Strangers Among Us

[Originally published June 10, 2017] Some time ago Marsha and I watched Henry Fonda in the movie Young Mr. Lincoln. Afterward, I wondered whether we would ever again see anyone with the character of Old Abe.  Then I wondered, would I even recognize such a person if he or she crossed my path?  What struck me about Lincoln’s story was how little of his background … Continue reading Seeing Humanity in the Strangers Among Us »