Unspeakable Beauty 


This is Thanksgiving Day weekend in the United States.  As I stopped to consider what I’m grateful for, my thoughts quickly went to the natural beauty that surrounds us everywhere, if we remember to stop and notice.  These images of flowers, in their exquisite detail, caught my attention.  I invite you take a few minutes to look around, whatever the season where you live, and take in the activity of nature.




Just a silent thought…


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2 thoughts on “Unspeakable Beauty ”

  1. James Merrill

    Hi Pat. I love the beauty of this post. But I have to ask you if you were aware of the facial character of these flowers. Almost everyone shows a face of some sort within the flower.

    Have you ever heard of pareidolia? I have that condition and my grandkids now love to see faces in nature and make faces with their food. I always tell my grandkids it is necessary to play with your food and enjoy it as long as you eat all of it. I have never been one to believe in the parental proclamation to Forbid kids to “play with your food”. It is also fun to have them see faces in nature. It is actually very Catholic to have this condition as the Virgin Mary is often found in objects in nature. I will forward this to them and they will love it.!

  2. Pat Moriarty Post Author


    Your right each of these flowers do show a face. Thank you for pointing this out to me, knowing that only adds to their beauty. I’ll remember the condition the next time I gaze upon a sunset at Grand Park in Everett.


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