What’s to Love About a Refrigerator

Marsha and I recently had guests over for dinner and we nearly never made it out of the kitchen.  What I mean to say is we were stopped cold standing in front of our refrigerator.  I’m not sure whether it was –

  • Marley’s smiling face
  • Charles & Doris adorned in Marsha’s knitted scarves
  • The Paine family photo
  • The Lovejoy family photo
  • Erin & Kelly’s wedding picture
  • Riley’s engagement picture
  • Javid’s wedding invitation

Or the Empress Hotel picture from our honeymoon in Victoria, BC.

Do you populate your refrigerator door with pictures of family and friends?

The Moriarty / Hahn refrigerator tells the story of who we are.

It’s interesting to think we are defined to a large extent by the company we keep and that company can often be found on a refrigerator door.  Every time I reach for the refrigerator door (which is all to often) I’m confronted by the next generation of clan members, the next generation of friends, the smiling faces of the people I love and the people who love me.  It’s like a shrine to what I love about my life.

When I visited Ireland in 1978 I landed at the cottage of my great aunt Rose.  I had never spoken to this woman and yet when she invited me into her kitchen, there, on her ice box, was a picture of an 18-month-old Patrick affixed to the door.  For some 30 years Aunt Rose had been visited by none other than…….me.  And not only me, but 30 years worth of family photos all sent to a woman we had never met.

Such is the power of the families that connect us and the friends who nourish us.

So much can be told of me, you, and the guy across the street from the faces that adorn our refrigerators, mirrors, wallets, and fireplace mantles.  These faces remind us that we are not alone but are part of a sweet village of kindred souls that probably gaze upon us as often as we gaze upon them.

So if you haven’t updated your own picture lately, maybe you should take the time to do so now.  You never know whose refrigerator door has been holding a treasured spot just for you.

Here’s us, smiling back at you.

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