A Thought on “Just a Thought”


Thank you all for taking time to read Just a Thought.  Marsha and I so enjoy bringing the posts to life each week.

It was 10 years ago that I first began sharing thoughts with fellow travelers in recovery.  In 2015, at the suggestion of Geoff Nixon and Matias Caccione, the weekly Just a Thought blog was born.  The midwife to birthing each post has been my wife, Marsha.  She is a professional therapist as well as a brilliant editor.  She brings a clear and open heart to each post and has an uncanny ability to polish a thought and illuminate what otherwise might be a vague abstraction.

Since the blog was launched in December 2015, many of you have been receiving the posts in weekly emails (sent each Sunday morning). The email formatting often does not match the post as it appears on the website and therefore loses some of its potency.  This happened with the post that was published July 21, 2018, Finding Contentment.  The plan going forward is to send you a brief lead-in to the weekly topic with a “Read more” link that will take you to the full post on the website.  It adds one click to your experience but we think it’s worth it.  We’re ironing out the technical aspects of this change, and you should start seeing it soon.

In the meantime, we’re offering a second look at Finding Contentment.  It tells a story of Pauline Shaw, a remarkable woman who taught me the meaning of “live and let live.”

Click here to read the post:  Finding Contentment.

Just a thought…

Pat and Marsha